Mark your calendars now for Saturday, April 22nd, 2017! On this day, we will once again be hosting our annual Spring Open House/Customer appreciation sale, where every item in our store will be a minimum of 15% off! We'll be selling professional grade pool shock for only $9.99 a case, and 25lbs chlorine tablets will be only $50 with a rebate! We will also be selling all our Solar Blankets and Automatic pool cleaners for an amazing 35% off! Get all this plus free food and prizes, only at Hot Spring Spa & Pool Supply on Saturday, April 22nd!



Liner Replacements
Periodic Pool Service
Pool/Spa Repairs

Hot Spring Spa & Pool is proud to be the leader in our part of the world when it comes to various services offered, both residential and commercial!  While by no means an exhaustive list of the services we offer, following are just a few:

bulletPool openings and closings (call to schedule yours now!)
bulletLeak Detection/Repair (Liner and Below Ground plumbing)
bulletEquipment repair/replacement (Pumps, Motors, Seals, Filters, Valves, Heaters, etc., etc., etc.)
bulletPool/Spa Cover Replacement/Installations
bulletSalt System (Chlorine Generating) installations
bulletSpa Sales/Service
bulletWater Analysis/Chemical sales
Vinyl Liner Replacement

When it comes time to replace the liner in your In-Ground Pool, NO ONE can offer the level of professionalism and service that we can!

Periodic Pool Service

Whether its weekly, bi monthly, or whether you just need someone to "baby-sit" your pool while you are out of town, give us a call!

Pool/Spa Repairs

We are proud to boast the most knowledgeable and experienced techs in the pool & spa business! If you need any kind of service or repair done to your pool or spa, you can count on Hot Spring Spa & Pool Supply to get it done right!




Last Modified: October 7, 2015